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Sensory Solutions is a pediatric occupational therapy clinic that facilitates growth and development in children of all ages. We strongly believe each child is unique and we design our individualized treatment plans based on each child’s particular strengths and needs.         


Because we know skill aquisiton is a process, we have created a continuum of care starting with comprehensive assessments, customized treatment plans, and group or individual weekly or bi-weekly therapy. As goal-based practitioners, we regularly assess progress and calibrate treatment to make sure each child achieves mastery as needed at school, at play, or in family interactions. 


SPRING                Self-Regulation Group

Self-Regulation Flyer

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Dates: March 18 - June 3, 2019


SUMMER Kindergarten  Readiness Group 

Kindergarten Readiness Flyer

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Dates: August 5 - August 9, 2019


FALL Groups 2019

322 Los Gatos Saratoga Road, Los Gatos CA 93030: 408-647-2084


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